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Rodents, insects and spiders can infest homes and businesses in the Lake Oswego area with reckless abandon, and once they decide to take up residence it can be challenging to get rid of them. But that’s why we’re in business. We provide pest control in Lake Oswego, OR and in the surrounding areas to eliminate pests and the havoc they can wreak.

The Killers Approach to Pest Control

Our company was founded on four basic principles. At The Killers we eliminate pests, we use safe products, we inspect thoroughly, and we provide exceptional service. These founding principles are as important to us today as they were when we first started, and it’s this approach that sets us apart from our competition. We want to do what’s right for each customer and their unique pest infestation situation, and rather than just controlling pest populations, we annihilate them.

Lake Oswego Services

Before we start treating for pest problems, we always do a complete inspection. This allows us see what’s really going on and provides you with a variety of solutions. Our pest control in Lake Oswego, OR services include:

  • Silver Star WD. This service treats and kills one to two wood destroying pests.
  • Silver Star GP. This service treats and kills one to two general pests.
  • Diamond. This treats and protects against all general pests.
  • Gold Star. This service treats and protects against all wood destroying pests.
  • Gold Star +. This quarterly service treats and protects against all wood destroying and all general pests.
  • Platinum. This service provides the same features as the Gold Star + package, but it also comes standard with Bora Care and a 10-year substructure guarantee.
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You don’t have to live with the pests that are plaguing your home or business. Let us treat and eliminate them safely so you don’t have to worry about the damage they can cause, and the disease they can spread. We are the pest control in Lake Oswego, OR experts.
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